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  1. I've seen that some interfaces in browsers and in native applications receive a Skitch drag/drop file while others reject it. The native Chrome file upload field works fine, and some custom UI drag-drop zones like what's used in Pivotal Tracker and Jira work fine, but, for instance, Facebook photos does not. Dragging to desktop to create a file and then dragging the file works in all cases. Why is this? Is there something Skitch can do to bridge the gap, or is it something in the programming of the custom file upload widgets that they change and allow for it?
  2. Skitch has been a long-favored tool of mine and anywhere I go for years! However, with the cumbersome resize UI (which I eventually found only after a couple years of using the "new" version), I find myself always having to go in and resize down ~30% to make screenshots reasonable to share. Would it be useful to anyone else to be able to set a default smaller size to start with? (Note: Far superior would be to bring back to the old style window stretch to resize, document border handles to crop UI)
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