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  1. Hello Evernote Scannable users,

    Here's the situation -

    Just got a card. Scanned it. All good. Want to email the person my contact info. Great. But it's sending from the wrong email - likely the email in my LI account or my Evernote account, neither of which I want to use in this business setting. How do I change the email address the contact email is coming FROM? I want them to be able to reply to the email (not click the email link) and have it come to my relevant business account.

    Many thanks!


  2. I have the same issue. I use a personal email on my evernote account so when I sent a contact an email after scanning their card, it comes from that account. I want to set it to come from a different account. I have entered that email account in the settings but it still comes from my personal account. How can I fix this?



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