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  1. I was looking to free up memory on my PC and found that there was a 3GB xxxx.exb file on my hard drive. I thought that all my Evernote account data would be just online & not local. Can I just delete it and rely on Evernote? Can I have this duplicate generated in my DropBox files? My concern is that, as I put more and more into Evernote, this will become a serious local problem.
  2. When using Presentation Mode, my pointer appears OK on the screen around the slide, but changes to a hand over the slide. What is going on here?
  3. in card view, I have the occasional note where the card is blank but the note is fine in the note window. In other views, snippet and so on, the note is displayed fine. Synching doesn't help. Any ideas? Have upgraded to 6.06
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