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  1. I stumbled upon this post when searching for solution to a similar problem with Evernote not saving a PDF correctly. The note created after sharing the PDF from Safari browser would be a blank note. Turns out, there is a option when sharing to choose the format in which to share. In the top of the sharing dialog box, just below the file name (I am on iOS 13). The default is "Automatic". I changed it to PDF. Evernote was then able to save the note with the PDF correctly. Hope this helps.
  2. It feels like Evernote team is not going to look into this issue anytime soon. I am also using Evernote right now for my academic work, but I have been lately thinking to switch to a different note-taking app just because of this fragmented approach to annotation and note-taking.
  3. I have a ton of notes tagged in a nested form. Like I have tag TL1 at first level. Some notes are filed under this tag. Then I have two tags nested under TL1, TL2 and TL2.2 and notes filed with only these two tags, not TL1. This is the way I organised my notes till now. After the update on Windows, whenever I click TL1, I expect to see only notes with tag TL1. But instead I am getting all the notes in the nested tag tree, even if they are not tagged by TL1 but by children on TL1 (ie TL2 and TL2.2). This is quite frustrating now, since I have hundreds of tags like this and I am not able to find them, even using search. Kindly help out.
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