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  1. I see lots of requests for this and similar but nothing happens. The white background on the desktop version is a pain after a short while. I would like a choice of themes. Surely it can't be that difficult?
  2. What would be very useful is if the remarks appeared when you hovered your cursor over the list title. I use clip remarks too as an aide memoir to why I clipped them (in case it's a while before I look at them etc). The comment about including it in the title is a little clunky to say the least, and kind of defeats the purpose of having the remarks option in the first place, don't you think?.
  3. Sorry I'm a bit late but got that now. Many thanks.
  4. I have set up an import folder which does pull files on my hard drive into Evernote. But it only seems able to put them into my default Evernote folder. I understood from the help files you could import to any folder you wanted but I can't find out how.
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