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  1. I have the same problem. I have a budget XLS, where I paste the link to (e.g.) an invoice, which has been uploaded to Evernote, into that XLS beside the amount. This used to work perfectly fine until recently:

    1. Upload invoice to Evernote via Scannable
    2. Move it into the correct Notebook, add keywords etc.
    3. Right click on that note, select "copy internal link"
    4. Jump over to the XLS, Paste the clipboard content (i.e. the link) into the correct cell. There, it displays as the title of the note with a link behind it, so I can jump straight from Excel into that note in evernote.

    Since the latest Evernote version, on right-licking the note title (Step 3 above) and selecting "copy internal link" I have to select between two types of link, whichever I choose, when I copy it into Excel, it is displayed there as evernote:/// link, with NO link behind it.

    However, the roundabout way described above with an intermediate step via another note works, albeit clumsily. Thanks for that.

  2. Hi,

    since the last update of Evernote on iOS - Evernote 10.1 (1107121) - I am unable to open an encrypted XLS (Excel Sheet) attached to a note.

    * I encrypt the XLS in Windows when saving the file

    * I then attach it to an Evernote note

    * Opening the XLS (of course with the encryption password) in Evernote ON WINDOWS works fine

    * Opening it in evernote on iOS DOES NOT and gives me an error message "Decryption Failed (Null)"

    Up to a few days ago, i.e. to the last update of Evernote on the iOS device, this used to work fine.

    Any ideas?

    Greetings - Mike

  3. Hi there, this is Michael from Germany.

    I've been using Evernote for a year now, making my notes accessible from my Windows PCs (private & business) as well as my iPhone and iPad. After reviewing a few discussions in this forum, I've decided to convert my structure from Notebooks to Tags. With <300 Notes to date, this still seems doable. I've created a tag structure, all tags nicely prefixed with a special character per "chapter", just as some of you guys have suggested.

    Here's my question: I know how to search for  multiple tags (AND-relationship) in Windows - I just hold the CTRL key while selecting the tags from the tag structure. But how do I do it in iOS? Whenever I select a tag on my iPhone, evernote immediately presents the pertaining search results without giving me a chance to select a second tag.

    Is that possible at all?

    Greetings and thanks in advance for your kind support


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