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  1. You can close this topic... the latest update from yesterday corrected this problem! Thanks!
  2. Since templates were introduced, new notes created on my iPhone don't initialize right and I have to click Done and + again. What happens is the Title box shows up, but the note area that is supposed to say "Start writing or choose a [Template]" doesn't, and a spinning icon is in that area. When I click Done, the new note is not there, even if I had entered a Title. The second time I click + always works. It only happens when I open up the app after it has been closed for a while (which is, of course, almost every time). Sometimes if I wait a while before creating a new note it will init
  3. Not only are my eyes a little weak, my fingers are a little fat. I do a lot of editing and need to be able to move the cursor quickly, and I find myself struggling quite a bit more with the tiny text size. I love all the other features, it seemed a no brainer when I test drove it on my PC, but when I found you can't even get a small/large text size default or anything at all on mobile. I hate to throw more time at reviewing other apps, because I doubt they can match everything EN does, but I guess I'll have to.
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