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  1. Sorry, folks, I have to retract this bug. It should just be deleted. The problem was I downloaded Legacy Evernote to use the export feature, which is not in the newer versions, and Legacy locked me out, which actually makes a lot of sense. Once I logged out of it, I was able to access Evernote on my computer and phone. The message I got could have been clearer, but since it is Legacy, I understand. Sorry!
  2. I retracted the below issue -- it is because using Legacy Evernote on your computer locks you out of all other authorized devices until you log out of it, which makes sense. Sorry! I am using the free version, and I have been locked out of all my devices with no way in until next month (which may be tomorrow) except to buy premium. The problem started with the new feature to pick two devices you want to use. I chose my phone and one of my computers. No problem. I almost always use it only on my phone. But today I used the web version and it asked me to pick two devices again. An old phone I no longer use showed up on the list, so I deleted it and it let me in. The next time I tried to use it on my phone, it said I could not use it on my phone because it was not one of my two devices. And then I went back to my computer, same thing. And both say I have used my two times this month to change active devices. But these two devices are in fact the two I chose! So I am locked out of all devices with no possibility of getting in until next month except to buy premium. And I have low confidence that when I get back in next month it will start to recognize my devices, but I have already selected them both twice, using up my two times! This feature has run amuck! Help! Thanks.
  3. You can close this topic... the latest update from yesterday corrected this problem! Thanks!
  4. Since templates were introduced, new notes created on my iPhone don't initialize right and I have to click Done and + again. What happens is the Title box shows up, but the note area that is supposed to say "Start writing or choose a [Template]" doesn't, and a spinning icon is in that area. When I click Done, the new note is not there, even if I had entered a Title. The second time I click + always works. It only happens when I open up the app after it has been closed for a while (which is, of course, almost every time). Sometimes if I wait a while before creating a new note it will initialize right. I figured I clicked + before it was ready. But this doesn't always help. Also perhaps related, since templates were introduced a large green spinning wait circle appears in Evernote for about 5 seconds before you can do anything. Evernote used to work instantly. So it has been slowed down. Perhaps I see these issues more than other users because I have over 1000 notes; just a thought. But I see this slowdown and this bug every time I use it, so I would think this would have been noticed and fixed quickly. Thanks!
  5. Not only are my eyes a little weak, my fingers are a little fat. I do a lot of editing and need to be able to move the cursor quickly, and I find myself struggling quite a bit more with the tiny text size. I love all the other features, it seemed a no brainer when I test drove it on my PC, but when I found you can't even get a small/large text size default or anything at all on mobile. I hate to throw more time at reviewing other apps, because I doubt they can match everything EN does, but I guess I'll have to.
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