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  1. Is this supposed to look like that? I might be the only one bothered but it can't be very hard to fix when so many other apps display date and time where it best fits. It looks incredibly non-premium...
  2. I love the light sidebar and tweaks, nice update! I really hope you'll keep it :-)
  3. Hi, no, it is not just preview. it seems to be a clashing of the way Evernote does things and the way Sierra handles its permission-management. But thanks to your valuable earlier input, we've already established that there are no outstanding issues? I really hope they find a way to fix this. I don't expect them to come up with something right away and I know that Apple apparently changed something in the background that doesn't play nice with Evernote for some users, but paying a hefty premium for something that others offer for free kind of entitles us to expect a premium product and premium support. Let's hope they live up to that...
  4. Hi, I've contacted Evernote Support about this and apparently they are actively working on the issue and are offering a (cumbersome) temporary workaround: Hi Stefan, Thank you for following up and taking the time to let us know about this issue. Our development team has been made aware and I can assure you, they are diligently working on a fix. As a temporary workaround, you can annotate directly in EN or if you need to use Preview, save the new PDF to a location on your computer and then upload it back into the note. Although I don't have a specific time frame of when a fix will be available permanently, as long as you keep your app updated, once released, it will be available to you. I really hope this gets fixed quickly, since it seems to affect a number of people and it sure disrupts my Mac-workflow with Evernote (which has always been so smooth... ? ).
  5. Thank you for your reply! ? might be a problem that is only affecting me. I am on the Sierra Public Beta 6 and using Evernote Beta 6.9 (2).
  6. Hi, Since I am using the Sierra Beta, I cannot edit attachments in another app anymore, which is very frustrating. Whenever I open an attachment in another app and try to edit it, the app tells me, that the original file must not be changed and that therefore a copy was created, whereas before, I could just save the attachment back to my evernote note. i hope this gets fixed ?
  7. Hi, when I change the size that a picture is supposed to be displayed in the Mac-version (by dragging the blue square after selecting the picture), the Mac version will remember that preference and always display the picture the right size, so does the Web-version. The iOS-version though more often than not simply ignores my adjustment and shows the picture in its original size, which makes some notes look very messy - especially on a smaller screen. Even worse: when I edit that note in iOS, the picture will be reverted back to its original size on all other devices too. That is extremely bothering in a note with many pictures. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a way to make iOS not doing that? Thank you!
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