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  1. Programming notes so that the last-updated date changes when you simply move them is stupid and frustrating. I'm having issues with importing and exporting a large notebook and there's no practical way to fix it, because moving notes into another notebook to split it up screws up the dates on EVERY note. Moving a note to a new notebook is not an "update" to the note.
  2. Gosh, I hate this new version of Evernote. All the important features seem to be gone and I don't like the interface. Was this change made for user benefit or as a suck-up-to-Microsoft-and-Google-measure? As far as I can tell, there are NO settings. This means I can't set a hotkey for copy-pasting things straight into the program. Is this correct? If so, this is virtually useless to me and I will need to be finding an alternative.
  3. I got a new laptop and ended up stuck with the newest version (which I've been avoiding updating to on purpose), so I'm dealing with learning a whole new interface/set of features at the same time as trying to get my data and settings moved over. Let me first go on record as saying I really, REALLY hate that local notebooks are no longer supported. I don't trust any synced or cloud-based program anymore to not DELETE content that's not deemed PC, and I want to have full control over my own data when I want it. With that said, I can't figure out where my local notebook went. I saw that the program did something with it when I first logged in, but I didn't pay close enough attention because I thought when I imported my saved data from my old computer it would come over and I'd deal with it then -- but it's just vanished and now I don't know where to look for it.
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