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  1. Woah! Did the Evernote team update the web clipper|Evernote application? I've been clipping a few things and for the first time text actually stays within the margins of my screen. I'm so glad I'll no longer have to double check every clipped note!
  2. I usually have to double-back and survey my clipped notes because of the strange formatting errors. I can't say for sure if its the particulars of my screen resolution or what, but the scroll bar can be irksome for reading (my laptop has a small screen and smaller resolution). The bunched up lines of text started happening recently, I'm not sure what's up with that! If it helps, here's a link to the page where two lines bunched up for me: http://tinydonkey.fairytalereview.com/2016/04/hedgehogs-the-keepers-of-order-and-knowledge-in-slavic-fairy-tales/ My workaround for both problems, as I mentioned, is just pasting everything manually if there's a problem. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I'm a bit frustrated about two things that happen whenever I clip notes: sometimes the words will bunch up as they do in the image I've uploaded; other times when clipping something from, say, Wikipedia, the text is wide enough that I would need to use the horizontal scroll bar to read everything. The confounding part is that none of these things occur when I copy and paste anything directly from the web. I've uploaded two images of the same Wikipedia article. Notice that formatting is not only preserved in one of them, but I can also read the article within the limits of my screen. Is there something I can do?
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