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  1. Hello. Very new to the community. My apologies if there is already something on this topic. I searched for something through this forum and google, but couldn't find anything. A notebook I didn't create has appeared for the second time. The first time it appeared, I pulled the note out of it (which I created), and then deleted the notebook. It happened again however, and I'm curious as to why. One final thing worth mentioning is that for some reason, when I go to any note to move it to another location, the sub menu includes the notebook in question, but it also has a computer icon next to it that says "local". The notebooks designation is also peculiar and one I didn't create. I have included a snap shot of it for reference. I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation. EvernoteRefPic1(SubMenu).tiff EvernoteRefPic2(General).tiff
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