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  1. 19 hours ago, csihilling said:

    Right click in the main or note toolbars and select the Customize option, add Present to your toolbar(s).

    Thank you for the quick response, but I do not have any options besides the basic desktop options when clicking anywhere (back, forward, save as, copy, paste, etc...) Could it just be because I have it on a windows desktop?

  2. Hi, 

    I've looked through the Forum and help guides and I haven't seen anything on my particular question. How do you access Presentation Mode? I just upgraded to Premium yesterday, and I have no Icon. I have an alarm clock, a star, an "i" with a circle around it, a trash can, and the ellipse (overflow menu). I am accessing this on a Windows desktop

    Is there something that needs to be done to enable this feature? 

    I have also switched back and forth between the Beta and standard version. 

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