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  1. I agree. Again and again I'm thankful I can return to an old version of Evernote. I use tags to group notes in idea threads. I'm a minister. Lets say I have a tag for "compassion sermon". I don't want to search for those words, I want to search for that tag, and as far as I can tell, I can now only search for those words (and the note I put in may not have either or both words in it (other than the tag) OR both words are in TONS of notes, but not the notes I want for this sermon. HOW can I search for the tags I spend a lot of time putting in, not a predictive algorithm which literally gives me 10 to 100 x the number of hits I want (And what I put in may or may not be there). I don't think I should have to use a filter for this? Just one day it disappears?? Help very welcome.
  2. So too bad you can't go back to the old version. Really rotten all around. I hope that they notice that since Oct of last year (5 months) they have close to 40 comments about unresolved problems on this thread. And I'll just say that I have the old version on one of the 3 computers I use with Evernotes. I do things that need that functionality (and some other things I've noticed are gone or intermittently gone) on that computer, and use the newer versions on the other computers. I wonder if you have an old computer lying around... Nauseating to suggest this an all the best to you.
  3. Just to back to an old version. All the features are there and nothing valuable is lost by going back to the old version. At least that is my experience.
  4. I caved and reloaded the old version of Evernote. I did what would have been 2 hours of work in the new version (if I could have gotten it to work) in 15 minutes. Fifteen pleasant minutes in which I ruminated on how I used to like this tool and working in it. I'll keep the old (gray) elephant as long as they let me. My experiment with OneNote was a bust (their notes are pretty but no way I could get my 7000 notes and probably 200 tags into that basically flat structure). So here I stay, and gray is my new favorite Evernote color. Seems like they might notice how many people go backwards and restore some of that former functionality and ease.
  5. Since a recent update I keep getting unimportant notifications that I'm up to date, and what some upcoming release will offer. How do I turn this off? PC, running Windows 10.
  6. Okay I've got two solutions. One is that my computer is often balking at drag and drop as some windows update intermittently freezes that capability. So go to your desktop and make sure you can drag some icon even a quarter of an inch. If so ignore this part of instructions and if not, click on a desktop icon and then hit escape and make sure you can now drag and drop. (no idea why this problem has cropped up). Second, they now want you to make a Evernote note, and put in a tag or something and then you see it in the middle column of notes. (left most column is actions, right most column has your note and middle column has your note in miniature and other notes shown as well. Drag your thing into the miniature version of your note and all moves well. At least for me . Good luck
  7. Okay I see that you have to put it into the list of items not the actual note. Silly but I can live with it. I'd love to participate in user testing so Evernote can see how really average people think about problems. Its a real offer. I'm oldish, not an IT person and a regular user.
  8. It is a very frustrating thing to say this is happening to me too. I've taken to copying the content in a doc I want in Dropbox and pasting it there. But the current file is highly formatted and I don't want to do this. We are in Dec. Any solution yet? The blue + doesn't light up when I try to drag. Do I actually have to leave a tool I've loved and have 6000 notes in because the easy functions aren't working? File is 540 KP, it is a PDF. I have a pro account - though I'm not pro. Just always know how it worked before.
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