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  1. Use Skitch which is a software made by the same company of Evernote to use with Evernote i feel not a lot of people know about this software at all, nether did i at one point but i've been using it for a while now and it's been a very safe software to use, i used to use Lightshot and that's just riddled with malware so i tried Skitch and not 1 virus, but it does WAY more than these Third Party screen shot softwares, you can crop, screen shot, add shapes to indicate to things like add arrows and circles to make proffesional looking tutoriels and presentations or jsut circle stuff for fun with friends, you can add text to images too and you can say them in JPEG format, i obsolotely fell in love with it when i found it.
  2. Sadly Evernote on PCs apart from MAC cannot read a PDF in it's Word Proccesor, until they allow it to read PDFs as well as be able to save something into a PDF we are stuck with only being able to attach it to a note and that's it really, i know... it's a bummer, we all want these features badly along with more paragraph and table editing options but i think it's going to be a long time before that happens
  3. You can save PDFs to your computer, drag and drop the PDF into a new Note or the Note you are using to save PDFs, if you only want to keep some parts ether use Skitch to screen shot a part, save it as a JPEG then use it in a Note you created for a medical paper or just copy and paste the bit of text, it will definitely look more proffesional though screen shotting the bit of text then adding it to the Note, Skitch is meant to be used with Evernote.
  4. You can screen shot it, i have Skitch which is a software made by the same company to use with Evernote and you can do other cool stuff with it too like add text to imagesand other shapes to indicate to something like if you wanna point or circle it but you can Screen Shot any area you want to on a web page too, as for the clipping extension you can use the Screen Shot option to clip the whole page not just certain parts, if there is an article clipping the article part may work, sometimes it doesn't work on certain article formats but for the most part it works, PDFs on your computer Skitch is the way to go, PDFs online use the clipper or use Skitch for PDFs both on your computer and online.
  5. The easiest way i've found is by using Yahoo Mail, it has 1 Terabite space which is PLENTY and if you turn off the Conversation Feature it allows you to copy and paste from a web page not just the text but the images into the email too, i honestly don't like the Conversation Feature because it duplicates whatever you send... or emails you send to yourself, so turn that off and use regular email. You can re-adjust the paragraphs too and if you use the Indentation Tool in the Toolbox it neats things up a bit more, use the top one not the bottom, that one looks a lot better. You will need to create Folders to organize things, it sorts them Alphabeticly so everything is easy to find especially with the search bar tool so you can just search up the name of your Folder if you have loads of them or search for an email from someone, helps with the proccess of cleaning up your email too, it's probs the best place to space and organization wise. I too really wish they let us save our Notes as PDFs though because then i can just save them all into my email instead of having to copy and paste everything. I'm currently copying and pasting a Interior Design class and there are loads of pages... that was right after i clipped all the articles lol i have an old computer and having so much stuff all in 1 place uses a lot of space and i don't have a lot of space as it is, i didn't account for it using up lots of space so that's twice the work now, but i will remember now that i got 1 Terabite on both my Yahoo emails. Edit: You can create Sub-folders in Yahoo mail good times! that's much better for email based storage, so now i have all my folders in the Interior Design Class folder.
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