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  1. Thanks a lot for your answer. I did 3 installations and uninstallations and multiple reboots. No help. removed every thing in my mac bearing the name evernote (using find any file) and re-installed it, nothing happened, so i uninstalled & left it. Today I tried again and the 1st install worked. SO no more probs. BUT I'm never going to touch helper options again. Just glad to get back my normal evernote, Thank You !!
  2. The following evernote behavior is turning my delight into a torment. It is one of the essential app for me and I don't know what's going wrong with this app. Will highly appreciate some guidance. Here's step-wise what's happening with my evernote: 1.) Installed Version is 6.6.1 (453373 App Store) 2.) I click evernote in dock to open, it asks for log-in (user-name and password). Details are entered. 3.) Elephant icon appears in menubar automatically 4.) I go to preferences: 4.1 tick keep helper running in background when i quit evernote 4.2 untick show evernote helper in menubar 4.3 automatically 4.1 is undone or unticked 4.4 message pops up- evernote helper quit unexpectedly, ignore or report & menubar icon of elephant is gone now. 5.) I try to start my work & forget about this annoying behavior , further set preferences according to my convenience 5.1 tick show note counts in side bar 5.2 right click on notebooks and tags to show them as list 6.) When I quit evernote, big message window pops up, would you like to keep evernote helper running. I quit after some ticks or unticks. Irrespective of what I tick or untick, I presume it won't run in background, because in step 4.4 it has unexpectedly gone. 7.) Now, when I start my evernote application again, to my torment, I am again at step no.2 , nothing changes at all, I've to again set my preferences - show note count (5.1) , show as lists (5.2) and everything stays same from step 2 to 6. Earlier, I had entered password only once, but now eveytime I open evernote, I have to enter log-in details. 8.) I looked for settings on evernote web page, there I found that my mac book has granted access to evernote for at least 7-8 times. I am guessing this is the number of times I've opened evernote today and entered my log-in details. Moreover I can't keep helper running in background without showing it in menubar. I'll be eternally grateful if someone can point me to where I am going wrong and help me to focus back on my work rather than setting prefs & entering login details. Thank You,
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