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  1. Hi the problem still exist in my android. the button of alignment is missing in the android while it does appear in the web or in the pc windows. in my case all my previous notes which were written from write to left appear now in the pc windows and in the android from left to write. the note on the web also appear the wrong way - from left to right. that means it is impossible to read them. I suppose it all began when there was an update in the android but I am not sure. thanks Matt.
  2. I am still waiting and there is no response from anyone!
  3. I am writing from right to left in Hebrew. since this morning (after an upgrade of evernote I believe?) all my notes are shown from left to right and I can not read them. I have evernote plus. the problem appears in my windows pc and in my android Samsung galaxy as well. please help how to write and show my notes from right to left as I did till today.
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