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  1. Sync the notes field in business card scanner I use Evernote as my main business card scanner when I come back from conferences. That means I will be putting tens of business cards in at the same time, and I would love to leave a little note about who I met and how I met them. However, the notes field in Evernote does not sync with the notes field in apple contacts the notes in the notes field Are not helpful unless I can get to it across all my other notes applications. My feature request is that the iOS app sync the notes field from and Evernote business card contact with the notes field of the Apple iCloud contact. This will allow other sink applications like at work and for contact to also sync with notes.
  2. I use the card scanning feature, and then write in notes about how I found the person in the Evernote "notes" field. Please create a feature to sync with the IOS contact "notes" field as well. Thanks
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