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  1. Hurray ! I can confirm. Just downloaded 303370 and the problem is solved with Outlook 2016 and Office 2016 on Windows 7 Enterprise. David
  2. @Austin G @maxikk We have not heard from Evernote since 2 months on this bug, and this thread is growing (in size and in frustration). This seems like such a simple thing to fix. It is sad that as a paying EN customer (and soon a "paying more" customer if I remain with EN), I am playing around with competitor's products out of frustration with this bug. I think it would be appropriate if you could let us, users, know when you intend to fix this bug. Thank you, David
  3. Thanks @gazumped ! I didn't realize this, and for me also the titles have a function in my smart lists. So I can at least live with it without messing up those lists. Still, as @Wozza mentioned... it is really, really, really annoying ;-) And on top, it doesn't sound like an incredibly difficult bug to fix. Hoping this still gets fixed soon... Kind regards, David
  4. @Austin G can you maybe help ? Kind regards, David
  5. @maxikk Thank you. Is it possible to influence the priority of fixing this bug as a premium Evernote subscriber ? My workflow with Outlook relies on the EN clipper, so if there is no intention to solve it or support clipper in the future, I would rather know now and look into other solutions. Please, I would appreciate at least some feedback / advice. Thank you, David
  6. Dear @maxikk, any news please ? I am an evernote Premium subscriber, and would appreciate just to have an answer to my question. Will this be solved any time soon, or not ? Many thanks. Kind regards, David
  7. Hi, any news on this bug or my question on the future of the outlook clipper ? @maxikk, @Austin G. David
  8. Dear @maxikk, thanks for filing the bug for this issue. Could you share more information about the roadmap for the Outlook clipper, so that I understand better the priority to fix this bug ? What would be your recommendation for transferring Outlook e-mails as notes into Evernote in general ? Many thanks. David
  9. Hi @Austin G, I followed your suggestion, but the problem still persists after disabling and re-enabling the add-in. It happens on every mail I clip, but only in the "Title" field, not in the comments or tags field. I am attaching a screenshot so you can see the effect.
  10. Hi, When I clip a note from Outlook to Evernote and I edit the title of the note, two whitespaces are generated everytime I tap the space bar instead of one. Anybody else have this problem, and maybe a solution ? Evernote version: MS Outlook 2013, build 15.0.4779.1001 The bug appeared a few weeks ago (it might have coincided with the switch to Evernote 6.0), and reinstalling Evernote or Outlook did not help. Thanks in advance for your advice ! David
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