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  1. After much thought, I think that Option 3 will not work. The problem is that evernote puts all the data into a Database directory. So although the information is protected by a separate account for the secret personal data, a copy of all the data is stored on the hard drive. I am not sure what is readable, but the existence of the secret account is there and possibly more. My conclusion is that using VeraCrypt on onedrive and make it a local notebook on evernote is the only way to use evernote as a diary, Unfortunately it is not a solution to me as I cannot use it as a diary on my android mobile. The other problem here is that I use onedrive for my backups and you should not backup your backups on the same medium as you use.
  2. Your option 3. Thank you I tried to set up two accounts and then share a journal as you suggested. I think this might be the answer. What I can do is have a personal account (P) and my regular account (R). Then I can share my personal account (P) notebook with my regular account (R) for edit only. Now (R) takes up the shared notebook and after (R) writes his messages (R) deletes it from his account the notebook. When (R) wants to do do some more diary entries he can do this same process again. Now the only problem is to get access to the account (R) needs to go to the Work Chat and press the notebook. You cannot encrypt a chat, you cannot move it to a note and you cannot delete it without losing access to the notebook.
  3. It was suggested to me that my problem might be solved by having multiple accounts. I have a premium account which I believe does allow multi accounts but I cannot figure out how to do it. I have searched everywhere. I created a free one on the website using gmail ability to have multi email addresses but it was rejected on desktop app. I tried to follow this youtube and it does not work. Some help would be appreciated
  4. I would love to restrict access but its almost impossible, at home often my wife suddenly goes on my machine or my kids grab my mobile to watch youtube while at work, you go to the toilet you get called out and who knows who gets access. The problem with separate accounts, is I cannot run two different instances of evernotes together, my work one and a personal one. Evernotes is such a good product but this is one major limitations.
  5. I would like to switch from livejournal to evernote for doing a diary but I cannot as evernote does not have a password on a notebook. There is no way at work, where they use evernote that I will allow my diary activated on my machines unguarded. Who knows who will get into it. On my old diary, I got into a big blue with my Mum she she read some stuff in my diary, I felt really bad when my old girlfriend got into it and when some co-workers read parts of it. Okay the closest works around I can think of is 1) Use VeraCrypt on onedrive and make it a local notebook on evernote, This would mean that my personal notebook can be loaded and offloaded on demand. It then will have a password. Its a perfect solution except that I will not be able to use evernote on my android mobile. So I do not consider this a solution as I like to write in my diary when I have spare time which is often is odd places often without internet access. The only solution here is use evernote both in a local and online mode and transfer from one to the other but that still exposes parts of my diary. 2) Use evernote's encryption which is pretty bad as it will still show that I have a diary from the headings and its long winded to use. 3) ???? Open to any ideas.
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