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  1. Using Mac version, v7.14. The Link tool (insert a Web link around selected text, by doing ctrl-click or right-click on selected text and picking Link > Add... from the context menu) will not allow you to press "OK" after entering a URL under "Enter web address for this link" unless it starts with http:// or https:// or ftp:// from what I can tell. There's an endless number of arbitrary URL/URI strings, so this feature should accept anything that begins with any alphanumeric character string followed by : then followed by any other character string. That is, even a:b or c:? or d://e or f:
  2. This needs to be settable at the EN website, and overrideable locally by the Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android clients (but using whatever default was set at the website if nothing more specific was manually set in the client software). The mess that EN makes in documents is unbelievable. I edit something in OpenOffice or Google Docs. Paste it into a new EN note in the Mac client. The font changes. I get to work and open in it EN again, either via the website or the Windows client, and get different fonts yet again. I copy paste from that note into a Word document, and get different fonts agai
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