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  1. Great job and initiative. Seems like progress. Let’s hope it wasn’t just lip service.
  2. Yes, I did presume that once I tried to find it. I was actually hoping it would be fake. I don't like OneNote but I would switch for the dark theme, lol.
  3. That's great news... link? I can't find this information anywhere. =
  4. Ok, I'm pretty much convinced that you're just trolling but I'll bite once more. It's a long stretch to say that there are thousands of other apps that connect with Evernote when what you're really saying is there are tools to connect thousands of other apps to Evernote. Having used both of those options I still find working directly in Evernote far more convenient for most of my needs. It seems there are a lot of other people that feel this option would be a great addition as well. Besides, I would still debate the "thousands" assertion if only on the basis of enumerating the number of usable apps that make sense to connect to Evernote. Literally speaking, for it to be "thousands" there must be at least two thousand. I don't think that list exists. Perhaps you're argument is that every application ever created can connect to Evernote through external applications and therefore no one should need to use Evernote's UI for viewing, editing, or creating notes if they don't like how it looks. Doesn't that seem silly to you? If not, see my first statement. However, this is really beside the point and IMHO you're using a straw man fallacy to ignore the crux of this thread and our request to the devs. You don't want to use an Evernote dark theme? Awesome for you. Obviously a lot of other people do and your argument against that amounts to stating "that's not how I want Evernote to look so the option shouldn't exist and if you want a dark theme, don't use Evernote, use something else and sync that to Evernote". I feel that's being obtuse simply for the sake of it and that is something trolls frequently choose to do. If you think you have a valid argument against other people being able to use a dark color theme in Evernote I'd love to read it. Otherwise I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.
  5. I think you're making a lot of assumptions about how others use Evernote based on what your own usage is and that's a fallacy that prevents you from seeing that this is an option that will be welcomed by a lot of people. I want to use Evernote directly without using the "thousands" (seriously? thousands?) of other apps that connect. I just want to use Evernote. I'm also a developer and I understand the benefit of options in the apps I choose to use and to develop. Perhaps you should stop being obstructionist and move along if you don't want a dark theme. No one is trying to force it on you so please don't try and force your Evernote usage restrictions on us.
  6. I just updated to 6.0 today and it seems like it's even whiter but even if it's not, it prompted me to search for "dark evernote theme" and I landed here. Pretty disappointed to see that there hasn't been any response to this request. Dark themes are so pervasive these days you'd think it would start coming as a default or at least an option. I just reupped my premium subscription for a year. Kinda bummed I did now that I found a couple of cool alternatives that DO have darker themes, or at least less glaring backgrounds.
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