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  1. Don't know why I didn't think of that in the first place! Thx!
  2. Is it possible to create an option to add a specific email (or emails) for the daily reminder, separate from the master account email address? There is no way to set a different/multiple email addresses for the daily reminder email... it goes to the main account email by default. Here's why... I am in the process of changing my workflow to eliminate Toodledo and manage all of my tasks within Evernote. So far, it's working well, but I have used Evernote for a long time to manage both my personal and work stuff, so my Evernote account is set up with my personal email, and I don't want to change that. However, most of the items I create reminders for are work related items. Right now, I get the daily Reminder email sent to my personal email, but I really want that reminder email to go to my work email (or both). Thx.
  3. Thanks for adding nested tags to the web version, but why don't they behave the same as in the Windows desktop version... I have a tag hierarchy for People>Hockey People>Teams>My son's coach (Alec) In Windows Desktop, if I select "Hockey People" it returns all content relating to Alec, and everyone else in his team, or in the other team he practices with... If I select "Maple Leafs" it then returns content for only those contacts in the Maple Leafs team, etc. In the web version, selecting Hockey People returns NO results, because I have the content tagged to the people in the lower hierarchy. Please enable Nested Filtering to make Nested Tags more than just a visual key, but actually a powerful filtering tool(just like the desktop version.) Thanks for all you do!
  4. The amazing use of tags in the desktop version is what attracted me to Evernote... In fact, if you asked me to define Evernote, I would say it's Notebooks, Notes and Tags! Tags are what makes Evernote different (and better) to OneNote... After all, One Note is Notebooks and Notes! I would have thought that something so integral to the fabric of the application would be consistent across all platforms. Finding that the basic approach to working with Evernote from one platform to another is so fundamentally (and in my mind, carelessly) different makes me worry about whether they care about other fundamentally important things... like security? (It's actually got me thinking twice about OneNote!)
  5. Totally agree. I have a tag for my son's "Hockey Coach", which is nested under his "Team", under "Hockey People", under "!Who"... In the Windows desktop version, if I select "Hockey People", it filters results for all the tags nested under it, including his team and his coach, and all my other Hockey contacts. If I select his team, it displays results for his coach, along with everyone else tagged under his team. Perfect... thank you Evernote! In the Web and iOS versions, selecting "Hockey People" returns no results because everyone is tagged under a team or organization, and then a name. I have to filter specifically on the lowest level tag to get any results relating to it. Dumb... please Evernote, please!
  6. Agree. Different stylus types help in a variety of way. I use the pencil tool in Noteshelf because it has a softer, more natural look (and feel). Also, the marker pen isod good for adding shading.
  7. Ditto... I am revisiting Penultimate after using Noteshelf extensively, and this is the one feature that is keeping me from switching. (better searchability of handwritten notes in Penultimate is the competing feature that's prompting me to revisit it now!)
  8. I have been a long time user of Noteshelf... I tried them all, and it seemed to have the most natural writing feel... I wanted a strong feature set, but natural feel was at the tp of my list. Noteshelf integrates with Evernote... no need to export... just save the notebook and it automatically syncs with Evernote. I have just recently started using Evernote more, and I am now finding the biggest limitation with Noteshelf is that Evernote's OCR and search functions don't work as well with it... they do work, but very hit and miss. If I write directly into Evernote, the search works with handwritten notes almost flawlessly (even with my chicken scratching)... but Evernote drawing interface is useless without at least palm rejection... I am now revisiting Penultimate, after dismissing it initially, as the search function with hand written notes in Penultimate is way better. If I can get used to Penultimate, I will likely switch for the search functionality. The only feature that hasn't got me switching yet is the presentation mode... Penultimate shows he same view on the screen as seen on tee iPad... if you are zoomed in and have the split screen showing the zoom window, that's what you see on the screen... Noteshelf shows the normal page view on the screen, even if you are using the zoom mode on the iPad. (I use it as a whiteboard with a data projector, so this is very useful.)
  9. Totally agree... I have just started using Evernote more seriously, but I have been using NoteShelf for a long time for note taking and brainstorming. While Noteshelf integrates with Evernote nicely, I have found that the handwriting OCR is very poor compared to handwriting directly into Evernote, however, Evernote is terrible when it comes to hand written notes and sketches compared to Noteshelf. While they may not want to build a full feature set into Evernote, "palm rejection" is by far the most important feature that's missing, and makes Evernote practically useless on the iPad. Either improve the OCR functionality for Noteshelf notes, or add some basic features to make Evernote pen compatible.
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