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  1. I have received the help that I needed from a friend, so consider this request as solved. Thank you. Silvia
  2. Hello Attached is a screenshot. I cannot duplicate what I have created earlier. What i want to create is like the Notebook "Kunden" where I created subfolders for different customers. I want to do the same with "Coachings" I want a Notebook "Coachings" and then have several subfolders for different clients. When I try to create this now, it creates a Notebook Stack and puts my "Coaching" below this. That is not what I want. Any hints appreciated. Thanks Silvia
  3. Hi, Since I installed 6.06 i cannot search across all notebooks anymore. One of the main big features I loved Evernote and why I am using it. Have you kicked that out or have you changed settings? Without this feature I cannot use Evernote anymore, I built all my notebooks around this option and I am lost without it. How can I do this now? Thanks, Silvia
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