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  1. Add me too. I have used bullets within encrypted text literally for years and years and years...and now I can't. Normally I want to update to the latest bits but I've been burned one too many times with Evernote. Rule #1: Don't break existing functionality. Rule #2: Add great new features. Rule #3: See Rule #1. Please fix asap!
  2. In Evernote 6 I am unable to dismiss a note by hitting Escape Escape after adding Tags to a Note. In Evernote 5 I used to be able to create a note (Ctrl+Alt+N), add tags (F3), and then dismiss the note (Escape Escape) with keyboard shortcuts. Please bring the functionality back. It is a huge time waster to pick up the mouse and hit the close button on a Note to make it close. Thanks!
  3. I can't sort any of my search shortcuts on the left side in Evernote 6. I see a bar appear when I click and drag a shortcut that makes it seem like it will work but at the same time I see the "not allowed" symbol. It would be one thing if you kept the sort order from Evernote 5. It's a big jumbled mess now. Disappointing. Please fix!
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