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  1. Hi, I agree with Ihotzky that feature is hardly missing. I was Premium user for 4 years, actually I stopped paying because I really feel that Evernote is suffering a lot of good features. The development is too slow. I think they should change the focus to a browser version instead of having the local install. kind regards Alf
  2. I use it for both purposes Private and Work related and I present something on the screen public I can't shadow the notes.
  3. Hi Guys, I have been a member of Evernote for couple of years and yes I paid for the account. It's the first time that I stopped to pay for a Premium account. Can't understand why it isn't possible to split notes in Private and Work related, that should be a standard feature! best regards AMAI
  4. Hi Guys, I use the Web version only and I'm not yet happy with the beta release. I think the Web solution should get a wider range of functionality. I like the former process where I could combine the notes. Why is that function still missing?
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