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  1. Add me to the list of completely frustrated people who rely on this field. It would be nice if we could all scan or put notes in on the day they actually occur. However, here in reality, sometimes we don't even get the information for days or weeks after it actually happens. I need the note to have the Created Date of the date it actually happens, not the date I finally get it or have time to scan it in. Being able to see which fields are viewable was the obvious fix and that's the first thing I looked at when trying to find my disappearing date. This would also help in another area I'm having problems with. I tag the notes and other people can see them. However, they're accidentally deleting the tags I put on the notes, so I'd like to remove the tags from that person's View. Or protect the tags somehow from this happening. This however is minor in comparison to needing to see the Created Date at a glance of the note, let alone the clicks that have to happen to actually change it.
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