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  1. Hello Yes PLEASE !!!!! I have been asking for being able to edit the create date on the IPad. Not having this option is stupid for my workflow and currenlty makes me not use the iPad for evernote. I try to have all my documents in evernote, with the creation date set to the Original document date, which is totally different from the date the document was introduced into Evernote. In Windows, I edit the create date to align to the Original document date (date as printed on the invoice, proposal, etc) This works good in the web app and in the windows app. Common Evernote, please add this to the ios app as well Gerard
  2. Hello, I use EverNote to move all my paper stuff into a searchable library. In my workflow, I scan, and place in NOtebooks, sorted by Date and subject. For date sorting, I use the native 'Create Date' field, and allign this filed to the Paper document date. Logic here is that for this (paper) document, this is the Create Date. Unfortunately, I can only to this on my laptop. I really whish to be able to use my iPad for my entire Evernote Workflow. I request that the iOS version of EverNote will get the feature to change the Create date I look forward to your user cases on this feature in the IPad version Gerard
  3. I agree, changing the created date is essential part of workflow. I always align the creation date to the date stamp on the original paper document. Eg, a bank statement with a printed date of 2016-3-25 should have the created date also 2016-3-25, and not today's date since I upload to EN today. Now, I need to go to Win version to change create date please add this feature!
  4. Hello, for most workflows it is essential to be able to change the dates for creation and last modified by the user. Currently, this is not possible in the iOS version of EN. Please add this option best regards Gerard
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