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  1. Hi! First i want to thank you for this great software wich i use since many years. It works so great for me! The only little feature i would wish much, is the possibility to mark notes with colors. So i could see at on view in the list of notes wich notes for work wich for private and so on. Cause often thinks are already sorted by tags for example "importend" so i could see it clear without sorting with more and more tags! Would be very glad to find this funktion in the future regards Gino
  2. Hi, I use the Evernote Clipper since years and love this feature! Sadly it doesn´t work usefull since firefox need a certification for addons! Cause every time i open it i have to fix it again. So please, is it possible you get this certification for your product? I also tried to evade this problem by using the about:config and xpinstall settings of firefox. but that also didn´t work for me. Your addon was befor so much timesaveing and usefull to me, i wish it become this again. By the way i think it´s also in your interrest cause your great feature already drops down to 2 stars a
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