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  1. Hi, I really enjoy the work of the developers and the possibilities that the Evernote offer as a product. The only thing I would like to have more is to have a multiple number of reminders per one notification. As a student I sometimes have seminars at a list of different dates, and I have to be aware of them every time. I would find it much simpler to create one note of the seminar and attach to it the dates, and the array of reminders, rather then creating a special notebook, and filling it with a dozen of notes just in order to have the reminders among the other 5-6 important notes containing information. I would really appreciate it if someone would suggest me how to do this if it is possible, or otherwise if this would be implemented in one of the next updates. Keep what you are doing guys cause you are doing it right, it is by far the most advanced app of note taking and the most practical one. Thank you for your work! Have a nice day!
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