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  1. Well, this things happen... Oh, It works now, great! Dear developers, please, make some user friendly message in such cases. When I search something and EN says "no such notes" instead of "sorry, server faces some search problems, please wait a bit...". In order not to confuse a user who knows that there are some notes matching his request. Thanks in advance!
  2. The same problem in the last beta version ( Temporary solution: turn off the Autosave option while the bug presents.
  3. Exactly the same problem on latest beta Windows client 6.6.1. On the web and Android clients these notes are OK. Need help. I've refreshed the database, but no effect. Sorry for non-mac issue.
  4. We all need it. This lack of a search function inside a note on Android is some kind of strange hole in the Evernote powerful search engine and can't coexist with.
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