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  1. This workaround is great! Very helpful in lieu of notebook customization. Along with a lot of people in this forum, I would very much like it if Notebooks in Evernote could be customized. Regardless of the fun possibilities of this feature, it would make going through my Notebooks list a lot easier. Even just a color coding would be great. I understand that this might not be useful for some people, but having different colored notebooks and folders helped me stay organized in school, and helps me now in my professional and personal lives. This might sound silly, but simple visual cues like different items in a list being different colors or having different image image associations help me to overcome ADHD issues. It allows me to be able to scan a list and quickly differentiate items from one another, nipping focus problems in the bud. Emojis in Notebook titles definitely helps, but customizing Notebooks will make finding my Notebooks faster and easier.
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