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  1. Excellent - all done. Date format as required, and I can change the dates! Thanks for your help @DTLow, much appreciated.
  2. I think I've "solved" it. I had changed my long date format (System Preferences->Languages & Region) to be YYYYMMDD. When I look at my Note Details it shows in that format - eg "20190718 at 14:00", but it seems to be unable to parse any changes to the date in that format (hence the beep and reverting to the original time/date). I changed back to the system default format so Evernote now shows the dates in the format "18 July 2019 at 14:00" and I can change them! So not ideal (and really a bug) but at least I can change them now. Now I need to find another way to get Cmd-Shift-D to insert a usable (and sortable) date format! Thanks for the pointers.
  3. Thanks for the reply @DTLow. That's the window I'm using too. I can change the values, but when I hit return or tab, they just reset to the original values (and it beeps). Sounds like it works for you though - curious. I did a default install from evernote.com and everything else seems to work - all my notes have synced to the machine, I can create new notes etc. Seems unlikely there's a permissions problem @PinkElephant?
  4. I've just moved from the Windows version to Mac and have a workflow that relies on changing the Created date. From what I've read, this should be possible on the "Note Details", but it doesn't work for me. I can see the Created and Updated dates in the Note Details window, but if I change anything in those fields and hit return/tab, I get a beep and the date/time changes back to its previous value. I can change the note title, add tags etc in that window and that works OK. Any ideas? Version 7.11 (457846 Direct) Editor: 69.1.8237 (1f0aea9)
  5. +1 for restoring easy access to the Created Date. I change the date of almost everything I scan (to the date on the letter, bill, receipt, etc), as well as things like notes associated with a future trip that I change to the trip date (yes, in the future). It was already frustrating that there was no way to change the Created Date on the iOS or Android apps, and this update just makes it that little bit harder to keep this organized.
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