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  1. I did the most recent Evernote Update for my iPhone XS and now the app won't even open. It immediately crashes after showing the "tutorial" update screen for about 5 seconds. Should I just uninstall and reinstall? All of my notes are there when I log into the web portal or view via Evernote app on my laptop.
  2. I am seriously freaking out here. I I recently upgraded to Evernote Plus so I could work offline. Everything was fine until last Thursday when I was working on a plane (offline) and when I tried to get into the app once I landed to sync to wifi and the app wouldn't open. I have tried everything: shutting off my phone, rebooting my phone, closing all apps and then rebooting/restarting, trying to open Evernote in airplane mode/wifi only/cell only. The weird thing is that when I click on the app it brings up an all green screen before crashing to the home screen. However
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