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  1. You're right, I meant Ctrl+V to Paste. With Evernote open if I go (on my Windows 10 Alienware Laptop) into something like a document and do Ctrl+C on some text or a URL it does not end up on the clipboard and I get a fleeting error message about a failure of Evernote to do something. I haven't been able to capture the error message. When I go look at Evernote I see that there is a new Note and the Name of the Note is whatever text I had selected. I also get a pop-up that I haven't been able to capture saying something about a fail in Evernote. Multiple Ctrl+Cs will create multiple instanced of the same note appearing in Evernote. If I can figure out how to capture the error message that is fleeting I will try to post it here. Thanks for responding.
  2. My experience has been that Evernote has gone completely off the rails, and things are only getting worse, over the last 18 months. It is far less reliable on Windows 10 in my experience. I use it across multiple Windows PCs and an Android phone. Within the last year I have found that once I have started Evernote it appears that some component related to clipping and overriding the internal Copy Paste Windows functionality is running in the background as a sort of TSR (terminate and stay resident in the old days) because when I am in other apps and use Ctrl+C (Windows Copy) and Ctrl+P (Windows Paste) to grab some text Evernote begins taking unwanted actions. Whatever text I have highlighted in Word or the Chrome Browser suddenly becomes the Name of a new Note that appears in Evernote. And Evernote, even though not the current app in use, will pop up a dialog about having an error! How can I disable the "feature" in Evernote that is improperly creating new notes and interfering with the proper operation of several of my other stable and otherwise reliable core applications?
  3. I'm running (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897) on several different Windows PCs machines and one Android phone. I've been a user since the early days. I migrated off SplashID to Evernote. The functionality and reliability of the earliest versions has been compromised in the recent year or so. On the PC running Windows 10 Home and when running Microsoft Word executing the shortcut Ctrl+C in Word and other apps will cause Evernote (I finally figured out) to create a new Note!!!! Is this an issue with the clipper or whatever it is called. I don't want any sort of feature that trashes my other apps. I just want to get back to an Evernote that works reliably across several machines. You seems to have totally gone off the rails making this some sort of specialty app for workgroups but you have destroyed the clean reliability it once had. Please restore the original team who created the good, useful, and reliable tool and execute whatever goofball developers have taken the reigns and turned it into an unreliable mismash! Thank you.
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