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  1. I'll ask again: If my version says 1.0.50 am I good to go? And I also am wondering about the "Second Category". I do not have ScanSnap Organizer installed on my machine. So this Second Category fix seems to not apply to Evernote Edition. Does this mean Evernote Edition users are still susceptible to data loss or does the data loss apply to other models of ScanSnap and therefore we are safe (because Evernote Edition is not mentioned)?
  2. So what version number is the latest? Mine says 1.0.50 and no other updates are available. And just to confirm, did only the non-Evernote models receive the "Second Category" fix?
  3. OS X 10.11.4 I've used ScanSnap successfully for over a year. Have not used it in a few weeks. Today I try to use it and I get this error (attached). I've tried restarting, uninstalling, etc. This expensive scanner is now worthless until fixed. Where can I go if no solutions here? Also another question that's always bugged me. My current ScanSnap software is 1.0.40. When I check for updates, it says there is one. After I download and try to install, it says I don't need to install it.
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