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  1. Hi, the new look is a huge improvement overall, but some of the long-anticipated changes (coloured tags, of course) have left me rather more frustrated than satisfied: Would it really have been such a big deal to put a customizable colour picker in there? Analogous to Microsoft Word, I imagine Evernote is used by creative people just as much as people in business / people requiring basic uncluttered functionality, and Microsoft Word does a good job of catering to both: Here's a basic selection of well-defined colour options to choose from, plus a simple button to define and set any colour at all! Also, on a similar point, it would be nice to have the option to customise the interface generally, to choose a different background colour, especially for the left side-panel so that some of those colours stand out more clearly. But really that should be a no-brainer; for too long Evernote has been a dinosaur in terms of customising how it looks (vitally important for anyone who invests - creatively or personally - in a notebook), and this update - while a sorely needed first step - has just served to impress on me how far there is to go, and how unremarkable Evernote is in this respect. Finally, a tiny suggestion: I love the colours along the top of the notes in the note list, indicating the tags, but the left hand side border is crying out to be coloured also to indicate the colour of the parent Notebook; i.e. would be lovely to have a quick visual indication of the parent notebook as well as the tags. Perhaps now, with such ideas in mind, you get some idea why a palette of 10 simple colours comes off as more than a bit - frustrating.
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