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  1. I have always had background app refresh enabled for Evernote and has never made a difference.
  2. I am also experiencing this. If I add reminders to notes on my computer and don't bring Evernote on my iPhone to the foreground those notes/reminders do not sync. In fact when I do bring Evernote to the foreground I can watch it sync all the changes that have occurred since the last time it was brought to the foreground.
  3. Thanks for pointing out in case someone else runs across this. I don't use local notebooks, so I wasn't worried about it.
  4. I seemed to have fixed this little bug. I uninstalled Evernote and then deleted the Evernote folder located at: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Evernote Then installed and let it sync completely before exiting, opening it again, clicking Got It and exiting again. The next time and many times since reopening Evernote, that information box has not popped up since!
  5. I just got a new computer and installed Evernote. Now this "Get there faster" notification keeps appearing every time I open Evernote, even if I click "got it". I did uninstall, restart, and re-instlaled from a fresh download. Still appears. Can someone help me get rid of this? Running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and Evernote
  6. I had no idea where this post belongs, since I use Evernote on Windows computers the most I figured I would post here even though my issue does not pertain to a specific platform. I have several IFTTT applets that run at 12AM MST on the 26th of every month. They did not run yesterday. Any one have any issues with IFTTT applets not running lately? The applets in question all create a new note in my defaulte notebook with some tags.
  7. +1 I tried it about a year ago and didn't like it. I tried it again this last week and it was the same. If it would just sync both ways, I would fall in love with it.
  8. I updated them as needed, but always felt like I was procrastinating when I saw that same task every couple days that still had "Tomorrow". When the truth was I still was not ready for it or didn't have the time to commit to that task yet. Now I use Now, Next Soon, and Someday...anything with a due date I set that in the reminder. I feel like my method now works perfectly for me! I also used Cronofly or whatever it was to show my reminders on my Google Calendar.
  9. I started out with TSW and recently changed it up to better fit my needs. By default everything goes into the Incoming notebook. As I process the items in it they either go into the Getting Things Done notebook or in one of the notebooks under the reference material notebook stack depending on where it makes sense to go. Any to-dos or action items go into the GTD notebook and use the tagging structure of When(:), Where(@), and What(\). If it has a hard date/time associated with it I assign a reminder. The special character prefix keeps everything sorted nicely. If it is reference material I t
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