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  1. This is a large reason why I avoid using the web client. My structure and daily workflow revolves around my tag hierarchy. Bringing the tag hierarchy into the new web client would be where I would cast my vote for priorities if anyone at Evernote is reading this.
  2. Going to purposely bump this and add my vote
  3. +1 on this as well. Thank you! 😀
  4. Just a suggestion, but there are various user agent string "switcher" add-ons that allows you to spoof your string to a site. A note of caution to use at your own risk. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/user-agent-switcher-revived/
  5. This is one example that I see: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/111619-no-favicon-for-evernote-forum/?do=findComment&comment=494397
  6. I do apologize if my statement was unclear or confusing. My reference was specifically to the left panel being open (with notebooks, tags visible). As someone with many tags, I prefer to have as many visible as possible at one time. This helps to minimize the amount of scrolling needed to find a particular tag (or notebook). My point being, therefore, that the vertical real estate in that panel is precious to me and the new "+ New Note" button is taking a considerable amount of said space. However, I will again state my appreciation of how the font spacing has been condensed so that more tags and notebooks are shown.
  7. Giving my two cents for what it's worth. I could also do without the new and rather big new note button. At the very least allow it to be scrolled out of view or allow an option to hide it. That vertical real estate is precious. Secondly, I actually do appreciate the more "condensed" view of the left panel. I understand this is more of a subjective preference, however for me this was a positive change. Lastly, the "Performance improvements for the notebook picker" has seemed to enhance my own experience, at least for now. The application seems much more responsive. Thank you, Evernote team, for your continued efforts.
  8. And just to be clear, I do have the public release:
  9. Hi! I immediately noticed the icon appears to have a "sash" or ribbon across the upper left corner. I can't seem to make out what it is. Does anyone mind sharing if they do know?
  10. Would it be possible to have additional color options for the the left panel color rather than just the current light and dark theme?
  11. I am wondering if anyone else has reported this. When I copy text from a note and paste to an application other than evernote, it adds an extra return character (sometimes a space, most other times a return character). This happens in programs like notepad, notepad++, this forum text box, and problematically in the Windows Registry editor (which is where it really came to light). Note, I have tried the following scenarios and all produce the extra character: Copy full line Copy partial line from beginning Copy partial line to end of line Copy middle of line This happens with text inside of a table and outside of the table. Is anyone else seeing this issue? If not, I would like to report it as a big to be fixed as it can be deeply problematic (as hinted at above). My example of the registry had to do with the fact that the registry was not displaying that character and therefore was not noticeable except for the fact that what I had changed was not working properly. It was only after troubleshooting that I came to find out it was that extra character copied/pasted from evernote. I understand that this Windows registry issue is not really evernote's "problem", yet I do believe that the copy/paste function should not "bring along" other characters. Please let me know if any of this needs clarification or additional detail. Thank you!
  12. Hey hey! Look here: Finally improvements for tables!
  13. I am curious as to what steam of new features you are referring to? From what I am able to see in the Windows section of the forum, I see a 6.3 Beta 1 released in August of 2016 and a 6.5 Beta 2 released in February of 2017. Maybe you definition of stream is different than mine?
  14. Good call on the google search. Using the search in forums did not return anything I found relevant (search term used was "table"). I found just a handful with the google search "evernote forum tables" all on page 1. And we have barely heard anything from EN this year beside the epic move to google cloud (which was actually Q4 2016). I honestly hope long standing issues (like tables) are being worked on.
  15. This request is around improving how tables are created, modified, added to, viewed, etc. In the web UI, you are only allowed to make a table of maximum size 6x6 and unable to make it larger AND also unable to delete any columns/rows. Only on the desktop client is one able to add and delete columns/rows to/from the table. Deleting is possible, but only an "all or nothing" type delete, where the entire table is deleted. This is unacceptable. Please take a look at how Dropbox Paper does tables. Simply amazing. Please steal that... please. Also, one is unable to resize the columns and rows in the web UI. Again, please fix this. Also, the cells have a rather larger buffer (padding) between the cell divider and the text (in both web and desktop). This becomes a lot of wasted space in notes that contain tables with many rows and columns. I am sure I am missing other things with how tables should work. I am not sure if any of this has been brought up before, but I thought I would express my grief with this specific aspect of Evernote.
  16. The one issue I am seeing is that my "styles" are not syncing from one windows machine to another. For example, I made one notebook name purple and bold, but it has not shown up on my other windows pc. This is the same with tags as well. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?
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