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  1. I´m very happy, that more people have this problem and bring it up here. I´m really desperate right now... Just bought a new tablet, an android. Beforehand I had an iPad and I could make annotations easily. But now...? No chance... It´s also not possible to read and see the content of PDF´s inside Evernote. There´s just a sign that an attached file is saved... For seeing the content it´s always an 3rd party app needed. Not practical. I want to use Evernote in university, what means: Download PDF readings which I have to read at home or university and import it to Evernote. Read and annotate it IN Evernote with a stylus (handwritten, like on paper). In some lectures I´d love to have an opportunity to make a audio recording parallel - while annotate things or make notes with the stylus. Maybe this is possible soon with android? Otherwise I (unfortunately) have to change my system and look for another app, what I definitely would NOT prefer. I love the idea of Evernote. I hope my English is ok... Bye, Svenja
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