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  1. My conclusion as Linux user : accept the idea that Evernote it's not a solution for Linux Users, and simply forget it. Now I use (DS Note with my Synology NAS) you can import your Evernote notes. And as fast note taking I opted for Workflowy. I respond on this forum because I was forgot to remove the reply notification.
  2. Linux users leave Evernote, a good Evernote client for Linux does not exist, I tested all available solutions. If you can live with the Evernote web version is fine. For me the best solution was to switch from Evernote to Synology note station, I imported all my notes in one click. All my notes are on my personal NAS with an automatic backup on the cloud.
  3. Hello, I am exactly in the same case, I tested all kind of solutions to have something really usable with Linux (Web version, a dedicated Windows VM, all third party apps) I'm just tired of paying a service that offers no solution for Linux users. Here is my solution that can possibly interest people who own a Synology NAS in this forum. Note Station can be installed via Google Chrome web store, it's not a simple web page, it's a real app and is fast. And there is a killing feature -> import from Evernote! on 1 click I have restored all my books. Negative point, I l
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