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  1. Thanks everyone! Good information. <* ~ ) ((I'm replying here because it's all I was able to figure out, plz forgive))
  2. Many professionals have above worded this needed/ required feature much better than I could have. It is WAY too much work the work it is and I'm not even using Evernote in a business application!? In my everyday research I question the sanity of paying for this when I am not even able to then look at my research in any organized, cohesive manner. All along now I have believed it was a lack on my part, a learning curve. I don't even yet know how to manually go in and reorg. all these separate notes (100's) into a couple dozen Topic Notes w/all individual notes finally being together! This truly makes the hours of hard research work almost done for nothing. Like, I would have been further ahead with a topic notebook and a pen!!! To say that this feature would be helpful is a total understatement.
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