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  1. Yeah I agree this is an awful change. I hope we get the option back. For now I'll just use Card view as Plan B. This feature is really my main workflow and kills my productivity.
  2. I'm on Windows Version 6.17 and also using Chrome and can't see how to save Templates. The Windows version shows it as greyed out under the ... button. In Chrome I hit the ... button and there is no option at all to save. I have a Basic subscription. Maybe that matters?
  3. This is a good feature, but it doesn't address the original post at the note level I assume that you'd run out of notebooks too if sub notebooks count toward the total. You'd end up with a lot of sub notebooks with not many notes. They need to bring it to a sub note level instead of notebook level.
  4. Thank you. I use TOC, but you need to create them cyst and paste it in notes and that can get tedious. It would be good if the related notes were just there in sight automatically. I'd like to do a TOC in a long note as well as an alternative option jumping from section to section.
  5. To much manual labor and notes get separated and as you grow sections you'll need to go back and add the new links to all notes in that bunch.
  6. Allow sub notes to be attached to a note like tabs in OneNote (sort of). I like breaking down notes into 3 sections such as To Dos, Notes, and Contacts. As these notes get long it would be great to have a sub note to click to with the info from one of those sections. Also allow interlinking between sections in a note.
  7. Allow customized formatting of headers, titles, fonts etc so if you make a change to formatting in one note it changes it everywhere like one would do when building websites with templates. This will help in case you want a look everywhere.
  8. Allow multiples reminders in one note assigned to certain tasks or check lists.
  9. I'd like smart links where tag words are recognized and can be hyperlinked between notes, plus let it recognize proper nouns like name, company names, and even titles of other notes. So if you have note with a word that happens to be a tag word it would be a hyperlink in the text of the note to other noted with that tag. Also it should would automatically add that tag to the notes tag area and recommend other tags like unrecognized names or titles.
  10. I was having trouble with my tags from the windows Evernote not syncing tags to my iphone. If I went into the note on my computer and made a small change then it would sync properly. This got me thinking about how can make a small change in all of my notes. What I then did was select all my notes and add a tag like "testing" to all notes. This was enough change and it synced them correctly on all my devices. In a sense I refreshed my data. Evernote should have a refresh feature in times when data isn't syncing right.
  11. I've looked everywhere and I find that you can make a copy of your databases for backup purposes, but what happens if you move that to Dropbox on your local drive instead? Wouldn't that be a backup. Dropbox lets you go back and restore files if needed. So rather than C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases, just change it to something like C:\Dropbox\Evernote?
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