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  1. Same here. I'm having this issue when filtering by tag. I click it and start to wait for a while, then tags loading and be able to write for searching tag. It's really decreasing my productivity.
  2. Same here, sad part is I contacted Evernote support, send them screen videos etc, they said we couldn't reproduce this issue. After 7.8 update they send me an update mail that in 7.8 version this problem is gone :) I updated EN and I tried, some pdf's scrolling a bit better but app's general performance is not good enough. I have notes which has maybe 30-35 attachments (word, excel files), scrolling performance terrible. I tried BEAR app for a while, its performance is amazing. Buttery smooth scrolling and writing experience. Maybe one or two extra functions keep me using EN. I'm using EN with MacBook Pro 2017 i7 16Gb Ram 4Gb Radeon 560 512SSD.
  3. I have the same issue. After the 7.6 or 7.7 update, I lost this function.
  4. I already switched to bear app a week ago. I tried so much, spend too much energy for EN but looks like they don't as much as I do.
  5. Same here. I have lots of documents as attached, spending too much time to find the right file.
  6. Same here. When I click the tag nest's arrow on the left, tag list blinks, tag list expands and collapses again in a sec. If I click the same arrow again, then the tag nest expands.
  7. On my MacBook 2016 my default PDF viewer is PDF Expert. But in evernote when i right click and choose open with, i see preview (default). That sucks really. One of my notes I'm previewing a pdf and on top right it says open with PDF Expert, i click it then it opens with preview app not PDF Expert.
  8. Happened again. And it happened very critical moment, i lost my last edits on my notes, i had to sit and re think what i wrote before.
  9. I have exactly the same issue and I'm tired of saving my notes from note history. This is a serious problem. I'm hesitating to look my notes from my iPhone because of this.
  10. I'm using this a lot on my mac and windows laptops. I'd use it a lot if we have in iOS too.
  11. I experienced the same problem too. I am a premium user and I recovered my notes twice with note history. Having this issue really annoying anyway. Following topic for improvements.
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