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  1. Now that I've used the new version for a few days I definitely notice the reduced screen real estate from the new side bar. Even looking at the picture you can see how its 85% wasted space that usable for....notes. Could the sidebar be consolidated into a button next to the new view button (on the search bar).
  2. Its a decent workaround. Thanks for the tip. The nice thing about this way is you can have notes under each to-do that aren't themselves to-do. Next request...making them collapse :-)
  3. With the new left side bar allowing easier navigation, it would be great to be able to Pin the main evernote widow (and individual notes) to the edge of a screen so that maximizing other windows would maximize only up to but not covering the evernote window. Its great for you know...taking notes while doing research, or keeping a task list open but not in the way etc. I currently use Divvy app to simulate this process and I'll say that before I got divvy and setup evernote like this, my usage was far less than it is now. More usage = more value = more subscribers.
  4. Is it possible to make the to-do/checkbox work like a bullet to have indented check boxes (like sub tasks) by simply hitting tab. Currently when starting the next line and hitting tab, only the text indents. Also when the line wraps have it wrap to the indent of the text, not to the left edge of the checkbox above. The current design makes to-do lists a nightmare to look at and not intuitive as one would normally uses lists.
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