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  1. also... I would love to turn off recent notes - especially from the "shortcuts" view. i never use recent notes, and it clutters the screen and takes up space. should be able to turn that off. On that note, the widget when in "Less" mode should just show the actionable buttons, not some random notes. Right now I have no idea what notes it's showing and why. I would think ideally "Less" only shows the action buttons and the "More" is configuratable in the app in terms of what one would like more to show them. Any estimate as to when the "coming soon" changes will be delivered? Perhaps you're using all this releases feedback to prioritize what the "coming soon" release will include. Hopefully.
  2. Overall feels like a good direction, but the missing reminder functionality is killing my daily workflow. I really really really need that ability to Sort Reminders by Due Date and the ability to Show Only Due Reminders. Not to mention when I slide a note to the left and click on the reminder icon, it just sets it as complete instead of giving me quick access to adjusting the reminder time/date. Will this be addressed in "Reminder enhancements" noted above?
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