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  1. I do have to pay for Evernote every year whilst I had OneNote for free.... Therefore I think it is ok to discuss. For me, this is a very important feature. I'm looking forward to have this hopefully quite soon.....
  2. Ah, thanks! At least in my Windows-Desktop-Version, I have the sortings now like I need them. But why this is still not possible for my iPhone-App?
  3. Hi Guys, I really, really need the possibility to do different kind of sortings in EVERY SINGLE NOTEBOOK! In some notebooks, I create the entries in the way to sort after the title, in some others it's important for me to see the newest entries first. It's awful for me to have the same sorting in all the notebooks. Best, Nicole
  4. Hi there I didn't know how to create a new question.... I'd like to have the possibility to sort the different Notebooks each in a different way (for example one Notebook per title, an other per writing date).
  5. Ich warte auch immer noch auf diese Funktion. Ich möchte Evernote unbedingt auch für die ToDo-Liste nutzen - aber das geht nur, wenn ich die Erinnerungen nach Fälligkeit sortieren könnte. Bitte auf dem iPad und auf dem iPhone.
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