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  1. You're kipping your grocery list, some need evernote to work and the tables become even more frustrating. I so agree with you. No one seems to take this into consideration...
  2. Hi Evernote Team ! I contacted the help service and they told me to post here. My problem is BULLETS ! When I want to color a specific part of a paragraph with a bullet at the beginning, the whole paragraphe becomes green or red, instead of the part I selected. I use evernote for work and having to color the unwanted colored part in black just to let a specitic part in red or green is very annoying and time consuming. Also it is impossible to justify a text that starts with a bullet, wich leaves me with bullets AND a messy note. I use bullets not only for shopping list, but also to make my work (big texts) look neater, wich means justify is very important for me. It would be great if you could fix this problem
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