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  1. Great News! got instructions from tech support that fixed the problem on my iMac: first I had to secure all local notes by exporting them to Enex files ( don't have any, but after you reinstall Evernote, you have to bring them back) then, I basically scrubbed the app off my computer by downloading an app called app cleaner, dragging the Evernote app to it and removing all related downloads etc. then I went to Evernote web site and downloaded Evernote foe Mac. now I see my notes, and they are syncing beautifully. thank you, tech support!
  2. BSR, Hi! My Support ticket is:1560966. Appreciate help fro you too, thanks!
  3. DTLow I have done this installing and reinstalling Repeatedly from the App store, from 'Evernote for MAc' (this is a web-based download access). Thanks, anyway
  4. I've replied to this topic and posted on it. The very same thing has happened to me. The things is I can access my notes on another iMac and a Macbbok which I decided NOT to update to 6.6. I have requested assistance from tech support and hey have been responsive but not yet solved the problem. I too, need HELP
  5. I downloaded Evernote 6.6 on one of my iMacs last Wednesday. Since then, I either have not been able to see my latest notes ( app from the Apple Store), or when I do see my notes ( Evernote for Mac from the web), and I try to do anything....click on them or sync ... The account crashes. however on my other machines ( another iMac and a MacBook), the account is ok. Evernote support has so far not solved the problem. HELP!!!
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