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  1. The blog post indicates they spent 2 years! fixing the underlying framework, and that was 9 months ago. If anything, you just provided further proof of how horribly slow they are at software development and maintenance. I encountered this issue on my first day of using Evernote. Look at how old the first post is for this issue. It certainly isn't encouraging if such a high visibility bug doesn't get fixed within 5+ years. Why would you defend such poor performance? It makes you look foolish.
  2. Using browser based Evernote: Just signed up as a new user. Things were going well up until I created my 4th note and pasted some text into it from a text file. All indentation was missing, Evernote was automatically stripping all the formatting as I pasted the text. I created a Word document and pasted the text in there, looked great. Copied from Word and pasted into Evernote, indentation was ok but everything became double spaced. Repeated this process, copying the text into various editing programs and then copying from there to Evernote. I was never able to get the text in Evernote to look like the original text file. As a brand new user, I am already frustrated with Evernote by the time I created my 4th note.
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